Birth Coac​hing

Preparing for labour and birth can be scary and overwhelming. You don't have to do it alone.

Are you looking for a more personalized approach to birth preparation, one that doesn't make you feel like just another number on the assembly line?

Feeling a bit daunted by the idea of navigating your pregnancy or adjusting to life with a new baby?

Drowning in a sea of conflicting advice?

Endless questions swirling in your head?

Wondering if you'll be able to manage the pain in labour? How to handle it? How to stay comfortable? How to keep calm when things get intense?

Curious about who will lay out ALL your options when crafting your birth plan?

Hoping your birth partner will be your ultimate support squad?

Unsure about the different interventions and if you'll need any?

Nervous about having those tough conversations with your birth team and standing up for yourself?

Feeling a bit lost in the unknown and unsure which questions to ask?

I've got you.

Let yourself feel confident & in control of your birth

I will guide you through the haze and confusion surrounding you to a place where you can say good-bye to the fear of the unknown. 

Imagine approaching your due date with excitement and calm, rather than fear and doubt. My Birth Coaching sessions are tailored for women who value a holistic, evidence-based approach to pregnancy and childbirth. Whether you're a first-time mum or have been through this before, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

What's Involved in Birth Coaching? 

I support you and your birth partner during our 1.5 - 2 hour sessions. These sessions can be in person (in Perth, SOR) or online, it's completely up to you! 

Firstly, arrange a quick initial chat with me. This is a free call to  get to know each other and see i we are a good fit. There is no obligation to continue with coaching after this call. 

Before your session, I will send you some questions to get an idea of what you need and where you want to focus our time together. I will make sure we have a plan, so we can get the most out of our time. 

Afterwards, I email you AALLLL the resources and a summary of what we discussed with a plan for you to carry on with. 

Only need the one session? Great! Want to schedule another follow-up for more support? Let's do it!

What Can We Cover?

My birth coaching sessions are tailored to you! Got a question? Let's get the answers!

I have found these sessions to be most beneficial with your birth partner as well. They are going to be there for you, so it's important they are also confident and in the know about how you're feeling and thinking.

Some topics that I frequently cover within Birth Coaching sessions:

Birth Education

Think stages of labour, hormones & body responses

Birth Mapping

After playing "The Game of Birth" let's discuss contingencies for potential situations and know what your preferences are

Create a Birth Plan

Use my birth plan template to create your plan on paper to  give to your birth team so everyone is on the same page

Labour Tools

Natural, drug-free strategies to manage labour pain and conserve energy throughout labour

Birth Mind Prep

Discuss expectations, beliefs, worries & fears around birth and how they may impact your labour journey and decision making

Postpartum Prep

Manage expectations & create a plan for you and your partner to prepare for life postpartum

Birthing in the System

How hospital policies and guidelines may impact your birth journey and what you can do about it

Caesarean Plan & Recovery

There are options around caesarean birth, just like there are for vaginal birth!

Birth Interventions 

Common interventions in birth, what they are, how they work and evidence behind them.

Preparing Your Body to Birth

Have you heard of perineal massage, eating dates or drinking raspberry leaf tea? Let's look at the risks and benefits and how you can prepare your body

Previous Birth Debrief

Sometimes, in order to prepare for the next birth, we need to unpack our previous experiences. To learn from them and accept them

Almost Anything

I can be a friend, comforter, and sounding board when you need

Ready to Start?

Book your first Birth Coaching session today. My sessions are available in-person in Perth and online across Australia.

  • First Session: $177 for 90 minutes
  • Follow-Up Sessions: $79 each