Amy's Accidental Drug-Free Birth

This story has been written by Amy.* Amy was a client of mine who used the birth class while it was in development. She had hoped for an epidural, but it was not meant to be!

Let me start with a bit of background. During end of pregnancy I had complications with my hips due to hypermobility having impinged nerves and close to dislocation and due to allergies only pain relief I was allowed was an epidural.

pregnant the day before labour startedAmy the day before she went into labour

On 23rd of March contractions started around 1:30pm went into hospital at 2:30pm as they were minute apart and rather intense, was told i was 3cm dialated to go home as it would be a long time and larbour progresses better in own home. We went home where I practiced breathing, got on my fit ball, hoped in shower leaning over a chair so I could sway while having heat on back. I had a bath and by 4pm the contractions were very strong in my hips and lower back and was finding hard to talk or work through at home.

new mum holding her baby straight after birth in hospital

We went back to hospital where I asked for the epidural. Dilation was checked and at 5pm I was 7cm dilated so off to birthing sweet. They then ordered the epidural but due to progressing quickly by the time the  anaesthetist came I was ready to push. So no epidural. I had to use other methods of pain relief as gas was not for me so with help of acupressure by my partner in lower back & hips and remembering to breathing and internalize some of noise and push it down to help with pushing I was able to continue to labour standing up. My waters broke and I was pushing for about 30mins when it was discovered bub was stuck and his heart rate dropped and he needed to come out asap. With an episiotomy and one last push bub came out with out and instrumental assistance which was what I had hoped for. I had a little complication with not clotting straight away but with quick action of my obstetrician and great team of midwives I avoided theatre and clotting was soon under control.

Bub was born at 7:43pm with 43 minutes of pushing. I could not have done this without the amazing support of my partner who stood behind me giving me encouraging words when I was ready to give in and who held me and became my pain relief, without my amazing midwife and the tools and tips I learnt from Sam. All I can say is it’s great to have a plan and your wishes but to also be open that things don’t always go to plan and you do what you got to do for safety of yourself and bub. My bags didn’t even leave the car, the music I had planned never happened but these things in the moment didn’t even cross my mind.

newborn baby

* Please remember these birth stories are shared in their own voice; from the point of view of the writer. Please remember that every birth, woman and baby are different so different choices have been made in individual circumstances. They are not intended to be used as medical advice, but to share the amazing stories of these mums

Amy's Accidental Drug-Free Birth
Sam Ziegelaar 15 February 2024
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