Bec’s Birth Stories For Both Boys

These stories are a little bit special because they are my sister's. Today, three year ago, she gave birth to her first baby boy! Just under 2 years later, she was blessed with her second! She shares her stories of both births. The first; a chaotic experience at Fiona Stanley. The second; an experience she describes as "enjoyable" through FSH Birth Centre.

Bec’s first baby

Baby’s due date was 12th April 2020 but he hadn’t arrived yet! Feeling very tired, heavy and lots of little signs that he was coming, we waited nervously in anticipation.

I felt like first baby is really tough, not knowing what feelings we were really waiting for. We tried every little trick in the book: walks up and down stairs, over curbs, on the beach, diffused oils, ate spicy food, dates, prunes and everything that people recommended as we waited for that “feeling” that I had no idea what it was. But I guess it’s true what they say “when you know, you know.” The week baby was born I went into full nesting mother hen mode. I read books, relaxed, baths, self care, reflexology, organised and cleaned the entire house. I even scrubbed the dirty tiles all day on my hands and knees!

Sunday evening, while watching a movie and bouncing on a fit ball, I knew this time I was in labour. I walked around, used a TENS machine and tried to get as much sleep as I could. Woke continuously until midnight. We were at Fiona Stanley hospital by 1.30am and the birth pool was in maintenance so I went straight to the birth suite shower. I did all I could to relax: fake candles, reflective worship music, shower on my front and back. I was so exhausted with labour through the night that I fell asleep between contractions!

Morning rolled around and I was ready to push. My waters hadn’t broken. They monitored baby’s heart rate and it was low. All of a sudden (and apparently shift change) there was 2 midwives, 1 nurse, 1 paediatrician, 1 doctor, my husband and me all in one little room and I was panicking. They noticed the baby had pooped in the womb and with his heart rate low and mine very high, they wanted the baby out fast.

The doctor was organizing a surgeon, talking of emergency C section. My husband had been a rock through the whole thing but at that point we were all in shock and he was asked to lay down so he wasn’t sick. Then I was told I had 1 last push to get baby out or I was going to surgery. I pushed with everything in me and he was out! Born 7.26am 15th April. An absolute rollercoaster ride, no pain medication (there was enough adrenalin that I didn’t need it except for a few stitches), 1 night in hospital, an enormous amount learnt and home with our gorgeous baby boy.

Bec’s second baby

I woke up at 2am on Saturday 20th February, knowing I had many false alarms with baby number 1, but also knowing second babies are usually faster labours, I was very hopeful. Considering my family history with very quick births I was quick to get organised. Big brother was picked up by the grandparents at 3am but contractions had slowed again.

After my first birth in Fiona Stanley public hospital, I was keen to have more consistent care, so we were seeing a few midwifes at Fiona Stanley’s new Birth Centre. I was frustrated with lack of labour progress so we called the birth centre at 6am and went into the centre at 7.30am. My midwife wasn’t there that day, but having met most of the team through general check ups I was very comfortable. We waited for our back-up midwife to come in, meanwhile, I was checked by another.

The hospital was very busy with lots of babies being born and I assume, due to COVID, lots of tired staff too. They needed somewhere for us to wait and with slow progressing labour, we decided to go for a walk downstairs to get breakfast. I was very keen to make sure my husband and I were well fed and ready for anything this time around.

Our midwife arrived after we’d finished breakfast and coffee and we were admitted to the birth centre- it was a beautiful day spa looking roomy-room compared to the hospital (where we were for baby number 1 – only across the next ward on the same floor of the hospital). I was able to use the birth pool to labour this time, which was wonderful!

Everyone was very relaxed and calm, except that I had in my head that this baby would be fast and early (we were only at 38+5 weeks)! I was getting impatient.

Midday rolled around and I asked to be checked again. I hopped out of the pool and felt the weight hit my pelvis. The midwife told us we were 9cm and “let’s just wait a few minutes and see what happens.” 10 minutes later my waters broke, 1 contraction and baby was born! 1.05pm on 20th February. We all actually really enjoyed the whole experience. Encouraged and cheered on the whole way, baby never left our sight and we were home by 5pm with family that same day!

* Please remember these birth stories are shared in their own voice; from the point of view of the writer. Please remember that every birth, woman and baby are different so different choices have been made in individual circumstances. They are not intended to be used as medical advice, but to share the amazing stories of these mums

Bec’s Birth Stories For Both Boys
Sam Ziegelaar 26 February 2024
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