How To Claim TENS Hire Using HBF Health Insurance

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If you're expecting a child and considering using a TENS machine for pain relief during labour, you might be wondering if you can claim the hire costs through your HBF health insurance. Good news—this may be possible depending on your level of coverage. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to navigate the process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming TENS Hire with HBF

  1. Check Your Coverage: First, verify whether your HBF health insurance policy includes cover for medical devices like TENS machines. This information can typically be found in your policy details under "Extras Cover" or by contacting HBF directly.
  2. Obtain a Referral or Prescription: Some health funds, including HBF, may require a referral or prescription from a healthcare professional for the hire of a TENS machine. This ensures the device is medically necessary. If this is required, please get in touch with me!
  3. Hire from an Approved Provider: Make sure to hire your TENS machine from a provider recognized by HBF, like me! I offer a comprehensive package including the machine, electrodes, batteries, instructions, free express shipping, and a return satchel. 
  4. Keep All Receipts and Documentation: When you hire the TENS machine, ensure you keep all receipts and any documentation provided. This includes the hire agreement and the referral or prescription from your healthcare provider.
  5. Submit Your Claim:
    • Online: Log into your HBF member account and submit your claim through the online portal. Upload scanned copies of your receipts and any supporting documents.
    • Mail: You can also submit your claim by mailing the documents to HBF. Include copies of your receipts and referral.
    • In-Person: Visit an HBF branch if you prefer to submit your claim in person. Bring your documentation along.
    TENS machine hire for labour pain in Perth Australia
  6. Follow Up: After submitting your claim, keep track of its status through your HBF member portal or by contacting HBF customer service. Claims processing times can vary, so it’s good to follow up if you haven’t received a response within a reasonable period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my claim is denied? 

If your claim is denied, review the reasons provided by HBF. It might be due to missing documentation or a misunderstanding of your coverage. You can appeal the decision or provide additional information if necessary.

How much will I be reimbursed? 

The reimbursement amount depends on your specific policy and the terms of your coverage. Some policies may cover the full cost, while others might only cover a percentage.

Can I claim other birth-related expenses? 

Check your policy for details on what other birth-related expenses are covered. This may include prenatal classes, physiotherapy, and other supportive services.


Hiring a TENS machine can significantly aid in managing labour pain, and being able to claim the costs through HBF can make this option more accessible. Ensure you follow the necessary steps to check your coverage, obtain the required documentation, and submit your claim properly. By doing so, you can focus more on your birth experience and less on the financial logistics.

For more detailed information on TENS hire and how to claim through HBF, feel free to visit HBF’s official website or contact their customer service​​​​.

How To Claim TENS Hire Using HBF Health Insurance
Sam Ziegelaar 23 May 2024
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