Elle TENS Plus

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The must have item for your “go-bag”! A TENS machine offers drug-free pain relief for women in labour. Although there are many types of TENS, the maternity range have a BOOST button for extra support through each contraction/ surge/ wave.

The award-winning 3-in-1 Elle TENS Plus is the ultimate maternity TENS machine, uniquely designed to support mums from early labour, delivery and throughout your postnatal needs. Featuring three modes: Maternity, general pain, and a pelvic floor stimulator, the Elle TENS Plus provides natural pain relief to empower and support you from early labour through to postpartum recovery. A favourite among Midwives and Mums, the Elle TENS Plus is the perfect addition to your birthing kit.

AND the Elle TENS Plus can be configured to assist with pain relief after a caesarean!

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Available for hire anywhere in Australia! Each TENS is posted via express post (free shipping included!) OR if you are based in Perth, you can opt to pick it up in person from me; I have been known to make a special delivery to a woman in early labour!

    • Elle TENS Plus pregnancy & labour device
    • 4-pack self-adhesive maternity rectangle electrodes (40mm x 100mm)
    • 2 x lead wires (plus 1 x spare)
    • 2 x AA batteries (plus 2x spare)
    • Carry pouch
    • Easy-release neck cord
    • Electrode placement chart
    • Vaginal probe for pelvic floor mode
    • Lubricant gel sachet
    • Instruction guide
    • Quick start guide
    • A Women’s Guide to Drug Free Pain Relief, by Dr. Gordon Gadsby

You may be entitled to claim up to 100% rebate* on your Elle TENS Plus device depending on your level of cover. To check your rebate eligibility, check your health care PDS under “health aids or appliances”. You may require a letter from your doctor and a receipt of purchase to obtain your rebate.

*Rebates may differ depending on your coverage. Check your private health insurance eligibility and claim requirements.

Key Featurees & Benefits

Birth mode: The Elle TENS Plus birth mode is specifically designed to provide natural pain relief during childbirth. So, you can focus, remain in control and empowered during your birth.

Pelvic mode: Use to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles and to treat post-birth incontinence. The Elle TENS Plus will use electrical impulses to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles to improve bladder control, vaginal tone, and increase sensation during intercourse.

Pain mode: Use for chronic and acute pain conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, sciatica, sports injuries, migraines, period pain and postoperative pain. The ElleTENS Plus will pass mild electrical impulses through the skin into the nerve fibres via electrode pads to stimulate endorphins to relieve pain.

Opti-Max Technology: Ideal to use in the final stages of labour or whenever you need extra power. Use to adjust the depth of the pulses – either up or down, depending on your needs. Opti-Max Technology is exclusive to all our Elle TENS Machines.

Contraction Timer: The Elle TENS Plus features an upgraded interface, including a contraction timer to measure the duration of your contractions (in seconds). Once the contraction is over, the timer will also track the time between contractions so you can pass it on to your midwife. This will help them understand how much your labour has progressed.

Lots of ways to answer this question!

Firstly, scroll up and download the Elle TENS+ Instructions

Secondly, take a look at my YouTube channel where I explain in easy, step-by-step videos!