TENS Machine Hire

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The must have item for your “go-bag”! A TENS machine offers drug-free pain relief for women in labour. Although there are many types of TENS, the maternity range have a BOOST button for extra support through each contraction/ surge/ wave.

TENS machines work by sending electrical impulses through electrode pads placed on your back. If you want to find out more, download the instructions linked below!

Did you know a TENS can also be used for relieving after birth pains too? 

AND the Elle TENS+ can be configured to assist with pain relief after a caesarean!

60.00 60.0 AUD per 4 Weeks

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4 Weeks
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4 Weeks $ 60.00
6 Weeks $ 72.00
8 Weeks $ 83.00

Available for hire anywhere in Australia! Each TENS is posted via express post (free shipping included!) OR if you are based in Perth, you can opt to pick it up in person from me; I have been known to make a special delivery to a woman in early labour!

  • Express postage to you - Australia-wide!
  • TENS machine
  • New batteries
  • 4 new electrodes
  • Lead wires
  • Instructions
  • Lanyard so you don’t have to hold it
  • Pre-paid return postage satchel to send it back

Your TENS machine will be put into the post on the “Hire Start Date” you decide on booking for so please allow a few days for delivery. They are shipped in an express postage satchel. You can also opt for a "local pick up" if you are based in Perth (6163) and I will bee in touch to arrange this with you. 

When you are ready to return your TENS, just pop everything back into the case and then into the pre-paid return satchel. Don't forget to sign the "dangerous goods" declaration on the front of the satchel before popping it in the nearest postbox. I don't reuse electrodes or batteries so  don't worry if you have thrown these away!

Your TENS is due back when your hire period is finishing. The return postage satchels are regular speed post so please pop your TENS back in the post 3-6 business days before the end of your hire period. I recommend interstate orders are for a minimum of 6 weeks to avoid late returns. 

Firstly, your postage is included in your hire (no sneaky postage costs at checkout). 

Secondly, you are hiring a TENS from a Physio! The instructions provided are next level. Included in your pack is a quick instruction sheet which has QR codes for video tutorials. You will also be emailed a comprehensive instruction manual with more detailed instructions if you're still stuck. In these instructions is also how to use the TENS for after birth pains... I suggest keeping your TENS around for an extra while to get a second use from it!

How To Use A TENS Machine

Lots of ways to answer this question!

Firstly, scroll up and download the Elle TENS+ Instructions

Secondly, take a look at my YouTube channel where I explain in easy, step-by-step videos!